PowerShell Monitor to monitor number of folders in a folder with diagnostic and recovery

Part 1 – The PowerShell – https://www.f1point2.com/the-script/

Part 2 – The Data Source and Probe – https://www.f1point2.com/part-2-powershell-monitors-the-modules/

Part 3 – The Monitor Type – https://www.f1point2.com/part-3-powershell-monitors-monitor-type/

Part 4 – The Monitor – https://www.f1point2.com/part-4-the-monitor/

Part 5 – A diagnostic task to view all the folders in the top level folder – https://www.f1point2.com/part-5-the-diagnostic/

Part 6 – A recovery task to delete all the folders in the top level folder – https://www.f1point2.com/part-6-the-recovery/

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