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Part 4 – Metrics

Part 4 – Metrics

Key information
  • Metrics are collected at one-minute frequency unless specified otherwise in the metric’s definition.
  • Stored for 90 days. You can copy metrics to Log Analytics for long term trending but that will incur storage costs.

There are standard metrics for almost every resource and you don’t have to do anything to enable them. Deploy your resource, sit back and wait for those metrics to start being collected.

There are a list of available metrics by resource and I’ve linked to the those for virtual machines here.

You can set the time period to display, the metric(s) and the resources. So with a few clicks of the mouse you can pin metrics tile to a dashboard to provide rich visualisations.

And as you can see from the above screenshot, you can also export the data to excel which would allow to build additional visualisations through Power View, Power BI or your other favourite visualisation \ analytical tool e.g. Tableau.

Rather than me go through each and every resource show casing the metrics available, I’d suggest taking a look through the above URL for the resource you are interested in and checking out the available “free” metrics.

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