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Part 2 – Azure Service Health

Part 2 – Azure Service Health

Key information
  • History is retained for 90 days at no additional cost.

Azure Service Health gives the following information:

  • Service issues – Problems in the Azure services that affect you right now.
  • Planned maintenance – Upcoming maintenance that can affect the availability of your services in the future.
  • Health advisories – Changes in Azure services that require your attention. Examples include when Azure features are deprecated or if you exceed a usage quota.
Service Issues

In the screenshot below you can see that Azure Application Insights has an issue with additional details on possible impact and the ability to track using a CR bar code straight to the Azure App on my iPhone.

I can also print out more information about the issue to pdf and there is a link that I can share with appropriate support teams and insert into my incident management solution.

Planned Maintenance

Upcoming maintenance that will impact your Azure resources.

Health Advisories

Upcoming changes to Azure which will impact your Azure deployments such as a service been deprecated. Usage quotas being breached will also show here.

Health History

And here we can see the history which goes back 3 months.

Resource Health

Resource Health allows you to select resources to view their current health state – here my IOT hub is healthy. Possible options are:

  • Healthy (with any events of the last 24 hours available to view)
  • Unavailable
    • Platform events triggered by Azure infrastructure
    • Non-Platform events triggered by end users e.g. shutting down a virtual machine.
  • Degraded if there are performance issues but the resource is available

Health Alerts

These are off limits for my mini-series as they will incur charges. But I’ll cover alerting in a future article and it obviously makes sense to make use of this functionality.

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