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Part 1 – Azure Monitoring for free

Part 1 – Azure Monitoring for free

Yes; free. No gimmicks. No dodgy sales calls. No cracked license keys. Totally free Azure monitoring from Microsoft themselves.

OK. Let us start off by agreeing what we mean by free. When you buy a car you expect to get the wheels, the steering wheel and the brakes as well as many other components as part of the overall cost of the car. Imagine going to drive away from the forecourt just as the dealer takes the wheels off and tells you they cost extra. That wouldn’t be cricket. And it wouldn’t be much of a car either.

Same idea with Azure. When you “buy” a resource; you get some monitoring functionality as part of the cost of the resource. That is what I mean by free. Although the grammar guardians mightwell prefer me to say “at no additional cost” it doesn’t sound so catchy as a title.

At Ignite 2018 Microsoft announced a re-imagining of the Azure Portal and they did a great job of it. What had become a slightly confusing collection of monitoring options suddenly had a much more intuitive layout.

But what might not be entirely clear from the portal is what is free and what you really do need to pay for.

That is where this series of articles comes in. To ensure that you don’t accidentally enable functionality that incur costs that neither you, nor your bosses, expect.

Hopefully it is good news that as soon as you start using Azure, Azure Monitor starts recording what activities are taking place against the resource and providing a base level of performance metrics for that resource. Note – this is the Cloud. Everything is subject to change at very little notice and, when it involves increasing prices, in incredibly small print on obscure pages. This series is correct of October 5th, 2018. Please let me know if you spot something is out of date and I’ll amend it. Thanks.

So we’ll be looking at:

  • Service Health – which highlights problems with Azure Services that impact you now
  • Activity Logs – which record when resources are created or modified
  • Metrics – which tell you how the resource is performing and the resources that it’s consuming.
  • Lessons Learned.

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